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5 février 2008, posté par Stahlhelm

Italian Spiderman

Le cinéma italien dans toute la splendeur de sa plus grande époque. 1964 annonçait l’avènement du film le plus influent de l’année 1964 entière : Italian Spiderman, vengeur masqué, bedonant, altruiste, en collants rouges, féministe mais pas trop. Tout un programme aux effluves de bon café du sud.

Alrugo Entertainment Presents: ITALIAN SPIDERMAN: Meet Italian Spiderman, the only thing he likes more than women and booze is smokes and booze, with women on the side. Raised in a flour mill in Palermo, at an early age Spiderman dicovered he could fly, and communicate with animals. He utilised his talents to start a company that perforated sheets of stamps. It went bankrupt in several days. He then took to a life of fighting crime…and snakes. ‘Italian Spiderman’ debuted at the Venice Film Festival in 1964 to rave reviews from the cinema community, famous critic and oil mogul Giordano Del Massi described Italian Spiderman as: « A real tour de france…un sacco di azione » This seminal piece of Italian cinema is credited as one of the most influencial films of the 20th centry and set the benchmark for modern cinema as we know it.

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